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Approaching the topic of risk assessment as an employer

On Behalf of | Aug 4, 2021 | Employer Concerns |

Businesses and organizations of all kinds in Lexington typically address legal concerns on a regular basis. From contracts to corporate structure, financial issues to regulatory compliance – it can oftentimes seem like there is no end to legal issues. However, as employers, businesses and organizations sometimes face the risk of legal action from employees, potential employees and past employees. Approaching the topic of risk assessment as an employer is a delicate task.

Best practices

One of the best ways to avoid a legal standoff with an employee over an employment law concern is to have a solid employee handbook. An employee handbook allows employers to set out all of the policies and procedures that employees are expected to comply with if they wish to maintain employment. However, it is important to review employee handbooks for legal compliance from time to time.

Hiring and firing employees is another area that can be fraught with risky legal consequences. As many of our readers probably know, discrimination claims, for example, can be quite common in today’s world. At our law firm, we do our best to advise our clients on how to avoid these thorny situations, among others.

From top to bottom, businesses and organizations in Lexington must avoid risk when appropriate so as to minimize any exposure to potential litigation. Let’s face it – being involved in a lawsuit based on an alleged employment law violation can be time-consuming and costly. We work with our clients to help them try to avoid these situations before they happen. For more information, please visit the employment law section of our law firm’s website.