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Wage And Hour Issues For Employees And Employers

Everyone agrees that workers should be a paid appropriately for the work they do. The problems arise in the details: What is a fair wage for a certain type of work? Did the employee really live up to the agreement to earn the wages? What, specifically, was agreed to in terms of compensation and commission? When the details get murky and disputes ensue, it is critical to work with a team of lawyers dedicated to finding favorable resolution quickly.

Our team has a thorough understanding of employment law and the experience to find resolution efficiently and effectively. At Roark & Korus, PLLC, we have been serving the Lexington, Kentucky, area for more than 20 years. Our lawyers take a personalized, detail-oriented approach to helping our clients get results.

The Simplest Solution Is Usually The Best One

Known commonly as “Occam’s razor,” the popular notion is that the simplest solution is to be preferred whenever possible. In cases of wage and hour disputes, this rule applies quite well to mediation. Rather than going through the time-consuming, expensive and complicated process of litigation, why not have both parties sit down together and come to an agreement? Or, at least, why not try to get as close to that solution as possible?

In mediation, both the employer and employee are represented by their attorneys, but the case does not unfold in a courtroom. The idea is to discuss the problem and work together to come to a mutually agreed-upon solution. In most cases, this method saves time, money and emotional turmoil, and it often results in a better outcome for everyone.

Wage And Hour Litigation

In some cases, an agreement simply can’t be reached through mediation and the parties have to take the claim to court. Our lawyers are experienced, aggressive litigators.

Whether you are an employee or employer, our attorneys can protect your rights in the courtroom.

Representing Employers

Our lawyers help employers in wage and hour claims. The most effective approach to these disputes is to prevent them from occurring in the first place. We help clients establish business practices that aim to avoid wage and hour claims by utilizing:

  • Employee manuals
  • Sexual harassment policies
  • Employment contracts
  • Noncompete agreements
  • Compensation packages

By creating sound policies and documentation, most disputes can be avoided.

Representing Employees

Our firm also represents employees in disputes involving wage and hour claims. We will make sure that you are treated with respect and dignity and receive all the money that you are owed in exchange for your work. This may include:

  • Unpaid overtime (such as working “off-the-clock” after hours)
  • Employee misclassification (i.e., independent contractor vs. employee)
  • Unpaid bonuses and commissions
  • Delays in payment
  • Paying wages less than minimum wage or less than what was contractually agreed to

Whatever the issue you’re facing is, our lawyers will do the research and help you protect your rights as an employee.

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