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What is a wrongful termination?

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Getting fired can be devastating for a Kentucky worker. With economic conditions throughout the country unstable and individuals struggling to find work, the loss of a job can cause financial, emotional, and personal stress for an individual. When their termination is wrongful, the employee may feel helpless in the face of uncertainty and fear.

Not all terminations are wrongful. When they are, however, affected workers may have rights under the law to seek compensation and right the wrongs that have been committed against them. This post will introduce readers to some of the ways wrongful terminations happen. Readers are reminded, though, that they should not rely on the contents of this post for legal advice and should instead direct their inquiries to trusted employment law attorneys in their communities.

Ways that terminations can be wrongful

Many wrongful terminations are based on violations of the law, but they do not have to be. For example, when an employer terminates the work of an employee in violation of the employee’s contract, their termination may be wrongful. Under the terms of their agreement, the employee may have rights to reinstatement or compensation for their employer’s wrongful action.

Wrongful terminations based on the law happen when employers violate employment laws that prohibit adverse employment actions based on employees’ inclusions in protected classes. Under state and federal laws, employers cannot fire workers because of the color of their skin or the religions they choose to practice. They cannot fire workers for being specific genders or for being of certain ages. When a worker is protected by their inclusion in a class of people, they cannot be fired for that association.

Remedies for wrongful terminations

It is not possible to state exactly how a wrongfully terminated employee will be compensated for the actions taken against them. They must talk to an employment law attorney to understand what laws or policies were violated when their employer took adverse action against them. The types of violations involved in their claims will dictate what options they may have for seeking relief.

However, under different laws and in different circumstances, workers may be able to be reinstated into their positions after wrongful terminations. They may be compensated for lost wages and provided with benefits for their periods of unemployment. Wrongful terminations hurt workers, and many are unaware of their rights. Attorneys who support employees can help.