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These mistakes could cost you your employment law case

On Behalf of | Dec 14, 2023 | Workplace Discrimination |

Being subjected to harassment or discrimination can make you feel belittled, ashamed, and devalued not just as an employee, but also as a person. Making matters worse is the fact that this egregious behavior can have a tremendous impact on your career. All too often those Kentuckians who report workplace harassment or discrimination are retaliated against, forcing them to experience changed work assignments, reduced pay, demotion, or even termination.

If you’ve been impacted by harassment or discrimination, then these realities can be terrifying. But take comfort knowing that the law gives you an avenue to seek accountability and compensation. You might even be able to get your job back if you were fired and still want it.

However, as you build your employment law claim, there are a number of mistakes that can be made and which can jeopardize your claim. Let’s look at some of them so that you know where you need to stay aware and on your toes.

Don’t make these mistakes in your harassment, discrimination, or retaliation case

Even if you think your case is straightforward, there are errors that can be made along the way. This includes:

  • Failing to report harassment or discrimination: Your first step in trying to bring this appalling behavior to a stop is to report it to your employer. Even if that ultimately proves unsuccessful, at least you’re making a record of raising the concern and your employer’s failure to act, which can serve as strong evidence in a subsequent legal case.
  • Failing to document: Harassment and discrimination tends to occur over time. When you get to the point that you’re taking legal action, you might struggle to remember all the details of each incident. Keeping a journal where you document the date, time, and circumstances of each even can be beneficial here, and such documentation can also help you capture the impact that the harassment or discrimination has had on your daily living.
  • Retaliating against your employer: When you’ve been wronged in the workplace, it can be tempting to try to get back at your employer in one way or another. But doing so is probably just going to get you into trouble, and it could end up putting the viability of your employment law case at risk. Just try to take comfort in the fact that the legal process gives you the ability to hold your employer accountable for the harm they’ve caused to you.
  • Quitting your job: If you’ve been harassed or discriminated against, and/or you’ve been subjected to an adverse employment action, then you might be tempted to simply quit your job and move on. But this can put your claim at risk, as it might make it hard for you to prove your claim and show how you mitigated your damages. So, do your best to hang in there while your case plays out and resolves.

Confidently pursue the legal action that will protect your employee rights

All too often, wronged employees let their employers get away with horrible behavior and unjustifiable employment actions. You don’t have to let that happen in your case. Instead, you can diligently work to build your legal claim so that you’re able to stand up and have your voice be heard.

Armed with powerful legal arguments, you’ll hopefully be able to find a just outcome that leaves you with financial stability and preserved career.